The Power of Branding with Justin Paperny

I am Justin Paperny. Today I am going to take you back to my school days to share a lesson on the power of branding.

I remember when I was in elementary school and branding first came into play. While I didn’t know it was branding at the time, I realize it now. I remember my friend, Stacy, walking out onto the basketball court. I yelled, “Wow, look at those awesome shoes!”. They were K-Swiss.

Justin Paperny Offers Thoughts On Branding

Justin Paperny Offers Thoughts On Branding

As I grew up, the branding influence continued. “Where did you get that huge LA Raider Parka jacket, at Footlocker?” I had to have it, along with every other kid from the hills of Encino.

When you are very young (before about 5th grade, I think), branding doesn’t matter. Clothes, toys, etc. are equal, and you don’t gain “cred” by having the hottest brands. As I got older, however, what I wore, used and played with mattered a lot. So, though I didn’t realize it then, I had my first lesson in branding as a child at Egremont School.

Building a Brand That Is Known and Desired

Eventually, as I built my business career, I wanted to know how to build a brand that inspires awe and desire in others. How did those other companies do it and even get kids as young as 10 and 11 to take notice?

Today, building a well-known brand is more important and more difficult than ever before. Plenty of competition, noise and other distractions vie for the consumer’s attention. As a result, creating the “wow” factor that gets you playground notoriety is increasingly hard to do – but not impossible.

What Is Branding?

Branding requires a strategic marketing strategy, but it is more than just a symbol or logo that your company owns. It is actually a feeling that is given to your customers and fans. I have discovered that if you want to be remembered, creating an emotional response in consumers is crucial. To see an example of this emotional response, watch the video we created for our client, Resort Advisory Group.

Building Great Brands

At Branding Fast, my team, which includes Michael Santos and Shon Hopwood, believe building a brand requires four essential components:

  • Centering on delivering an amazing customer experience
  • Creating images to do the talking
  • Planning to make sure that the right customers and market segments are covered
  • Self-expression, which is why we encourage our customers to be authentic, and even vulnerable, as they build their brand

Why do some people fail when building a brand?

People fail when they focus on themselves or do the “me marketing” thing. At the end of the day people want to know how you can help them. Self interest is alive and well. Embrace it, and use your expertise to teach and deliver value. But you must focus all your attention on the customer (and not get into how awesome we know you are). As you deliver value they will know you are the expert.

Justin Paperny

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