5 Tips for Writing Copy That Will Get Read

5 Tips for Writing Copy That Will Get Read

5 Tips for Writing Copy That Will Get Read

Web copy standards are constantly changing, and it can be hard for digital content writers to keep up with best practices. However, there are five basics to writing copy that will keep your readers interested. Use these five tried and true rules to maximize the readability of your web copy.

1. Be thoughtful about your SEO terms

Before you write, consider which search engine optimization terms you should integrate into your copy. You can use a keyword research tool to help with this process. As you write, naturally work the terms into your copy three to five times. Don’t overdo it — readers can sense when you’re forcing keyword use, and it will diminish the quality of your work.

2. Keep it simple and short

Unless you work in a highly technical field, use simple language. Avoid long, complex sentence structure that forces readers to reread your copy. While there’s usually no magical length for web copy, keep it as short as you can. Get your point across, and stop there.

3. Use lists

If the copy you’re writing can naturally incorporate a bulleted or numbered list, use it. Lists are a great way for readers to absorb a lot of information without much effort.

4. Avoid long paragraphs

Long paragraphs can seem daunting to a reader. Keep paragraphs short — two to four sentences each — to make your copy easy to read. Also, break up a stream of longer sentences with short, punchy ones to add energy to your copy. If you have influence over how your copy will be laid out, consider recommending that the designer keep the copy in narrow columns. This makes it easier to read, keeping readers around longer.

5. Know — and stick to — to your brand voice

Your brand should have a consistent voice across all channels. If your brand voice is light, quippy and sarcastic on social media, yet serious and authoritative on your website, readers can get confused. Be consistent; it strengthens your branding and makes your copy memorable.

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