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We help businesses and individuals authentically build their businesses. We help them find more customers. We run video campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Instragram to increase traffic, leads, and sales.
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We’re Sandra Paperny, Shon Hopwood, Justin Paperny, and Michael Santos with Branding Fast. 

We specialize in crafting reputations and brand messaging. If you want to brand or rebrand yourself or your business, we can help. To learn how we can help you simply click here to schedule a call or call Sandra Paperny at 714-253-2449. 

Want traffic, leads, sales, and customers?

  • Write Your Story
    We work together to craft your message.
  • Find Your Market
    -Our system will rely upon Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. You’ll find more customers. Or you’ll influence how others perceive you.
  • Broadcast Your Message
    -We use video, audio, and print to market your story in a positive, influential, and persuasive way.

Our Services

We work with business and individuals who want digital marketing campaigns. We work together to craft your story and create the image you want others to find. We use Facebook, Google, YouTube, Email, Text messaging, and complex marketing systems to nurture your messaging.


We create your own YouTube channel with your unique artwork. We publish videos that tell your story. We optimize videos with keywords. We retarget those who watch your videos. We create animated marketing videos that explain your business or build your brand.


We set up your Facebook page with custom imagery. We link your Facebook to your website and track pixels. We create Facebook ads and integrate with your CRM system. We retarget those who visit your site, marketing to them regularly


We build your reputation on Google. We authentic you with reviews from your customers. We highlight all of the positive that you create. We orchestrate your Google advertising campaigns, including remarketing lists. We do keyword research to bring you more customers.

Web Development

We create a website that accomplishes your objectives. We use Search Engine Optimization to make it easier for customers in your market to find you. We write blogs for you, we create press releases for you. We oversee the growth of your mailing list and we automate marketing with follow up emails.

Content Creation

We create blogs for you. We create courses for you. We create videos for you. We create podcasts for you. We can write ebooks or brochures for you. By interviewing you, we will publish a series of articles that brings you credibility in your market. This strategy will bring more customers to you.


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